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A very warm Greetings to our well-wisher. I feel much blessed to introduce Globus Certification Nepal as the value-added international standard certification service provider in an easy and accessible way. ISO has framed so many standards each for separate management system. Our primary motto is to standardize the clients’ management system by applying the applicable requirements of accreditation board. Over the period of nearly two years in system auditing sector, I found the organizations are getting the ISO certification without the mandatory compliance as suggested by the ISO Standards. To overcome such false practices, we always avoid granting certification just for the sake of business. We ensure the documented management system is intact in an organization with proper awareness regarding the ISO among all the staff. We contribute towards their awareness through regular orientation and training as well. The clients need to meet the minimum benchmark level and should be committed towards continual improvement in order to get the certification. Overall, we are committed towards the value addition with best customer care support. Assuring our best attention at all times, we are looking forward to serve you by taking your management system into global standards.
Best regards,
Girish Pokhrel
Managing Director,
Globus Certification Nepal Private Limited

Managing Director/Founder-Girish Pokhrel